Vacuum Accessories

Envirox supplies a range of Nederman vacuum accessories to extend the versatility of your mobile, compact and centralisedhigh vacuum systems.

These accessories make your high vacuum systemsmore adaptable to a wider range of applications.

Welding nozzles: magnetic or suction nozzles for use with balancing arms in grinding machine extraction.

Arms: pivoting arms for workplaces where the extraction point moves around. Range includes: swing arms, balancing arms, extension arms and PowerBox arms.

Cleaning systems: wide range of cleaning equipment in three diameter sizes: 38, 51 and 63 mm for light- to heavy-duty cleaning. Range includes: floor cleaning, hand nozzle cleaning and bulk nozzle cleaning.

Suction hoses: for cleaning and material transporting with high wear resistance. Range includes suction hoses from 25 to 152 mm Ø and up to 30 m long.

Hose couplers: hose coupler systems to suit all diameter sizes for simple and easy connecting / disconnecting of vacuum hose. Range includes: 40, 50, 51 mm Ø.

Extend the versatility of your high vacuum systems with our range of vacuum accessories. Contact us today!

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