Vacuum Systems

Envirox supplies, maintains and installs a range of Nederman high vacuum systems for all industrial applications that require a cleaner and safer workspace by eliminating excess and potentially hazardous dusts and fluids.

Envirox solutions include everything from mobile units to large centralised systems where Nederman can offer a complete solution to meet your specific needs. The term “high vacuum” refers to the high speed and low volume used to capture, transport and filter fumes, dust and other particles.

Mobile High Vacuum Systems

Envirox supplies a range of Nederman mobile high vacuum systems: electrical or air-driven and ATEX-approved to ensure a cleaner and safer workspace.

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Compact High Vacuum Systems

Envirox supplies range of powerful Nederman air-driven and electrically-powered compact units that combine a vacuum source, control system and filter into one easy-to-install solut...

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Centralised High Vacuum Systems

Nederman industrial centralised vacuum fume and dust collection systems are ideal for on-tool and on-torch source capture applications and general cleaning and material transportat...

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Vacuum Accessories

Envirox supplies Nederman vacuum accessories to extend the versatility of your high vacuum systems. Range includes: welding nozzles, arms, cleaning systems, suction hoses and hose ...

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Our high vacuum systems can be used in a wide range of applications:

  • Extraction of fumes from welding torches
  • Extraction of grinding dust
  • Extraction via nozzles
  • Cleaning of floors and machines
  • Material transport

Understand our product codes:

We offer a wide range of high vacuum products, from mobile single phase dust collectors to containerised full vacuum systems. We also offer a variety of different power sources for our vacuum systems – so that you can find a system to suit your application.

We categorise our vacuum systems with the following codes:

A = Air powered vacuum

E = Electric powered vacuum

S = Side channel fan vacuum

EX = ATEX approved vacuum

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