Envirox sandblasting systems provide dust-free blasting with superior suction power and separation efficiency.

Envirox supplies portable Nederman dustless sandblasting equipment with superior suction power and separation efficiency for all
light-duty and industrial applications

Our range of sandblasters provides clean, safe sandblasting and effective media recycling. Sandblasting media is continuously sucked
away during operation by the built-in vacuum unit, delivering a complete dust-free process, and can be used in workspaces with other
active operations.

Benefits of Nederman sandblasting equipment

  • Dust or sandblasting abrasives are contained
  • Permits dustless sandblasting in enclosed spaces where regular sandblasting is not permitted
  • No need for special blasting rooms
  • The sandblasters are mobile, flexible and offer low start-up costs
  • Sandblasting media can be reused and recycled


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Industrial Sandblasting

Nederman industrial sandblasters offer dust-free operation and efficient media recycling. Available in both air-driven and electrical options.

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Nederman SB750 portable sandblaster

The portable Nederman SB750 sandblaster is ideal for all light-duty cleaning applications.

View our Nederman SB750 portable sandblaster range

Use our sandblasting equipment in a wide range of applications:

  • Remove rust on metal structures
  • Cleans castings, welding joints (without the need of grinding tools), etc.
  • Remove paint, rubber / plastic coverings on floors, rollers to give surfaces good adhesion properties
  • Remove harmful products (isocyanates) that are released during welding


Sandblasting applications can be achieved quickly and efficiently, without the need for additional special protective equipment. The sandblasting media is continuously recovered during operation, and stored in a waste bag before circulating back into the container, in a seamless sandblasting cycle. The result is a clean, consistent surface that enables a high-quality, long-lasting treatment application.

The vacuum functionality on Nederman sandblasting equipment also ensures workers in the sandblasting environment are protected from abrasive, airborne debris that can occur when media is not captured effectively and adequately.

Our sandblasting equipment is available in light-duty, air-driven and electrical options and provides an economical alternative to chemical and mechanical cleaning and rust agents. Click on the links to discover the problems we solve with our sandblasting equipment: cleaning, blasting media, production recycling or recovery and surface preparation. 


Covering South Africa with efficient, reliable sandblasting solutions

Envirox brings the leading quality of Nederman equipment to your industrial sandblasting applications with OEM-standard service and support. 

We cover South Africa and Africa with application-specific sandblasting solutions to ensure maximum productivity in your sandblasting application.

Contact Envirox today for safe, dust-free and economical sandblasting equipment for your application.