NOM 112 Oil Mist Filter

Envirox supplies the Nederman NOM 112 to eliminate oil mist from your workspace, separating oil and water produced in metal machining applications.

The NOM 112, the largest oil mist filter in our range, provides high-performance and high-capacity oil mist separation, with a maximum air flow of 11 200 m3 / hr.

If not contained properly, oil mist can cause serious health and safety issues in your workspace. These hazards include slippery work surfaces and harmful inhalation.

The NOM series oil mist filters achieves up to 99.7% separation efficiency when equipped with a HEPA filter and is suitable for emulsions and neat oil.

NOM series oil mist filters can fit into the ducting system in metal machining and are designed for all metal machining applications, including: lathing and milling applications, for machine-stamping and pressing steel plates, industrial washing machines, abrasive water jets, etc.

All NOM oil mist filters in this range are equipped with a fan and a pressure gauge for controlling the filters and to indicate when they need cleaning.

Envirox offers proven solutions for oil mist extraction. Read more about our solutions for metal machining and welding fume extraction by clicking on the links.

Features of this oil mist collector:

  • Wide operating temperature range: 5° to 60° C
  • Wide filter area: 84 m²
  • HEPA filter area: 160 m²
  • Weight: 900 kg

Eliminate the hazards of oil mist in your workspace with an Envirox solution today.

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NOM 112 – Oil Mist Filters The NOM series filters are designed for lathing and milling applications, for machines stamping and pressing steel plates, industrial washing machines, abrasive water jets etc. English 1 136 kb
Oil Mist Filters Brochure The Nederman NOM series of oil mist filters is the product of extensive research and development work, both in the laboratory and in the field. English 5 500 kb