Oil Mist Filtration

Envirox supplies the Nederman range of oil mist filtration systems that effectively separate, collect and eliminate oil mist from your workspace. 

Why use oil mist filtration systems?

Oil mist is generated during the operation of machinery and, if left untreated, can cause serious health and safety problems including slippery surfaces, resulting
in employees potentially falling or slipping. Oil mist can also cause serious health problems if it is inhaled. (Read more about why oil mist should be avoided below).
Oil mist filtration systems are necessary to avoid these hazards and not only contributing to a healthier, safer workplace, but also increase overall uptime

The NOM series of oil mist filtration systems fit into the existing ducting system in metal machining systems. These oil mist filters are designed for all metal machining
applications and include: lathing and milling applications, stamping and pressing steel plates, industrial washing machines, abrasive water jets, etc. 

The NOM series oil mist filtration systems achieve up to 99.7% separation efficiency when equipped with a HEPA filter, and is suitable for emulsions and neat oil. 

All NOM oil mist filters in this range are equipped with a fan and a pressure gauge for controlling the filters and to indicate when they need cleaning.


Why use Envirox oil mist filters? 

  • Designed for confined spaces
  • Fits into a machine’s central system
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High airflow capacities – up to 11 200 m3 / h
  • 99.97% filtration efficiency
  • Self-draining mist filters  

For oil mist filtration systems that are customised to your operation, contact Envirox today by filling out the form. 

View our range of oil mist filtration products:

Find Out More About Our Oil Mist Filtration Range

NOM 4 Oil Mist Collector

The Nederman NOM 4 oil mist collector is compact and easy to install. Ideal for use in closed cabinet single CNC machines

View our NOM 4 Oil Mist Collector range

NOM 11 Oil Mist Filter

Nederman NOM 11 oil mist collector is suitable for emulsions and neat oil and can fit into a ducting system in metal machining.

View our NOM 11 Oil Mist Filter range

NOM 18 Oil Mist Filter

The Nederman NOM 18 is ideal for high airflow applications – 1 800 m3 / hr and is suitable oil mist filtration when dealing with emulsions and neat oil.

View our NOM 18 Oil Mist Filter range

NOM 28 Oil Mist Filter

The Nederman NOM 28 oil mist filter provides high separation efficiency, with a maximum airflow of 2 800 m3 / hr for all metal machining applications.

View our NOM 28 Oil Mist Filter range

NOM 112 Oil Mist Filter

The Nederman NOM 112, the largest oil mist filter in our range, provides high-performance and high-capacity oil mist separation, with a maximum air flow of 11 200 m3 / hr.

View our NOM 112 Oil Mist Filter range

What is oil mist and why should I remove it from my workspace?

Oil mist is made up of small airborne oil droplets, the same size as bacteria, and is formed in several processes where oil or oil-based coolant is used. 

If an employee inhales oil mist or is exposed to oil mist for a prolonged time, it can cause the following health issues: 

-          Floor hazards (dropping oily tools, slipping on oily surfaces, incorrect tensioning, etc.)

-          Health hazards (asthma, bronchitis, dermatitis, respiratory infection, chronic coughing, etc.). 

Eliminate the hazards of oil mist in your workspace with an Envirox oil mist filtration system today. Contact us now! 


Oil mist filtration spares: 

Regularly servicing your oil mist filtration system extends their operating life! Our experience, industry knowledge and equipment expertise, gives us the know-how to predict when your oil mist filtration equipment and parts will need exchanging. We offer a comprehensive range of spare parts for the entire range of oil mist filtration solutions – to minimise your operations’ downtime! We also provide tailor-made maintenance contracts. 


Oil mist filtration systems – supported throughout sub-Saharan Africa! 

Envirox covers South Africa and Africa with application-specific oil mist filtration solutions to ensure maximum productivity in your oil mist filtration required applications.  

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