Lubrication Management System

Envirox supplies Nederman lubrication management systems for complete liquid and oil control from a central storage area in vehicle repair shops.

This system controls and distributes oil, grease and multi-fluids from a central storage area to the vehicles and workstations where they are easily accessible from various hose reels.

The lubrication management system provides complete fluid control in your workspace. It accurately monitors and supplies oils and liquids to each vehicle without manual handling or tapping.

The system also alerts operators when tanks need refilling and its various software modules ensure integration to any workshop or demand.

The Lubrication Management System can control up to 250 delivery points and 20 mini-terminals, and includes:

  •  Tank with pump
  •  I/O cabinet
  •  Field bus converter
  •  Operator terminal
  •  Tapping point valve unit
  •  Bar code reader
  •  Tapping point

A clean, safe and well-organised vehicle repair shop generates a professional impression and higher profit.

Contact Envirox today for a customised lubrication system for your workspace.

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