Lubrication Systems

Lubrication systems from Envirox comprise complete solutions for storing and distributing oil, grease, other lubricants and fluids in any workspace.

The range covers all your lubrication requirements from manual pumps to complete lubrication management systems from Nederman, which provide complete
liquid and oil control from
a central storage area.

In addition to its comprehensive lubricant management systems, Envirox is a specialist in providing lubrication equipment for its lubricating systems,
including industrial lubrication systems. All our lubrication systems reduce waste, eliminate spillage and add to increased work place

Benefits of Envirox lubrication systems by Nederman

  • Suitable for wide range of oils, greases and multi-fluids
  • Designed for all workspaces
  • Reduced waste and spillage
  • Mobile lubrication systems for your workspace
  • Integrated lubricated systems that add control to your workspace

For the lubrication system best suited to your application requirements, contact us today!

Lubrication system applications

Our lubrication systems’ are ideal for use in numerous applications, and have been found to be among the most effective when used in service workshops for cars and trucks, civil engineering and agricultural machinery.

Lubrication systems from Envirox are tailored to solve numerous lubrication challenges, and are ideal for solving problems in:

  • Workplace service
  • Material handling and storage
  • Air, power and fluid handling
  • Vehicle exhausts 

Find Out More About Our Lubrication Systems Range

Pneumatic Pumps

Nederman pneumatic pumps provide continuous short- or long-distance flow of oil grease, oil and multi-fluids in any application.

View our Pneumatic Pumps range

Manual Pumps

Nederman manually-operated lubricating pumps are ideal for transferring high- or low-viscosity fluids, including: tyre sealant, motor oil, old waste oil, antifreeze, transmission o...

View our Manual Pumps range

Manual Oil Gun

Nederman manual-controlled oil guns (dispensers) for grease, oils and multi-fluids for lubrication and service in all industries.

View our Manual Oil Gun range

Oil Trolleys

Nederman manually-controlled oil trolleys handle, supply or remove low, medium and high viscosity oils, fluids and greases.

View our Oil Trolleys range

Oil Removal Systems

The Nederman combined waste oil suction / drainers extract used oil and other fluids from any vehicle.

View our Oil Removal Systems range

Service Tower

Nederman all-in-one, self-standing workstation for your vehicle repair shop.

View our Service Tower range

Lubrication Management System

Nederman lubrication management system for complete liquid and oil control from a central storage area in vehicle repair shops.

View our Lubrication Management System range

Lubrication system spares

Envirox stocks a comprehensive range of spare parts for all its products, including all product variations within our lubrication systems offering.

Our experience, industry knowledge and equipment expertise, gives us the know-how to predict when your lubrication equipment and parts will need exchanging.

We also provide maintenance contracts. Regularly servicing your lubrication systems’ products extends their operating life.

Lubrication system availability 

Envirox covers South Africa and Africa with application-specific lubrication solutions to ensure maximum productivity in your industrial lubrication applications.

Acquire the ideal lubrication system suited to your specific application requirements. Contact Envirox today.