Laboratory Extraction Arms for Fumes / Dust

Envirox laboratory extraction arms for fumes and dust provide precise, easy-use desktop extraction systems for extracting all types of non-explosive and corrosive dusts.

We have solutions for low to high volumes of airflow to cater for a wide range of laboratory, workshop, assembly and medical operations. Extraction arm diameters of 32 to 100 mm provide achievable airflows from 20 to 500 m3 / hour.

Our range of laboratory extraction arms for fumes and dust include:

FX32 Laboratory Extraction Arm

The FX32 laboratory extraction arm is an ideal dust extractor in any laboratory, with a flexible, 32-mm mounted arm.

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FX50 Laboratory Extraction Arm

The FX50 laboratory extraction arm is designed for the extraction of light fumes and dust, with airflow up to 110 m3/hr.

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FX75 Laboratory Extraction Arm

The FX75 laboratory extraction arm is ESD- and EX-rated for dust and fume extraction up to 240 m3/hr.

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FX100 Laboratory Extraction Arm

The FX100 laboratory extraction arm is ideal for use in large-scale laboratories and workshops where high extraction capacity of dust, larger particles and heavy fumes is required.

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These dust collectors can be used in variety of benchtop environments were dust is neither explosive nor corrosive. They can be mounted in several ways: free-standing, hanging or wall-mounted. They deliver a low pressure drop and very low noise levels during operation.

These laboratory extraction solutions are available as pre-assembled, ready-to-use systems, or can be acquired in individual components to assemble a tailored dust collection solution that is designed to your specific application requirements.

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