Chemical Laboratory Extraction Arms

Chemical laboratory extraction arms from Envirox provide laboratories and workshops with an efficient, easy-use extraction system for the collection of corrosive dusts with higher chemical properties.

Our Chemical laboratory extraction arms are manufactured by Nederman in Sweden according to the highest quality and performance standards. These extraction arms are the optimum dust collection solution where protection against highly corrosive or noxious gases is vital.

Our range of Chemical Laboratory Extraction Arms includes:

FX75 CHEM Laboratory Extraction Arm

The FX75 CHEM laboratory extraction arm collects chemical-based corrosive dust and gas up to 240 m3 / hour.

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FX100 CHEM Laboratory Extraction Arm

The FX100 CHEM laboratory extraction arm is ideal for fume extraction in large-scale laboratories and workshops where high extraction capacity of dust, larger particles and heavy f...

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We have 2 models available, with arm diameters of 75 and 100 mm that can achieve airflows from 110 to 500 m3 / hour.  They are comprised of lightweight, anodised aluminium arms with adjustable plastic friction joints. They are easy-to-use, highly responsive and operate at a very low noise level.

These systems can be acquired as complete systems or as individual components that offer operators a wide spectrum in assembling the ideal dust collection solution according to your extraction requirements.

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