Laboratory Extraction Arms

Laboratory extraction arms from Envirox provide ideal dust extraction solutions for assembly stations and laboratories. Our range of bench top extraction arms caters
for ESD- and EX-rated environments, as well as highly corrosive or hazardous gases or solvents.

Available laboratory extraction arms include smaller units for light applications to heavier-duty extraction arms suitable for heavier dust and larger particles and fumes.
In addition to offering a highly efficient and effective dust extractor, our range of Nederman extraction systems for laboratories feature low pressure drop arms and
with low noise levels.

Laboratory extraction arms are ideal in a wide range of applications including:

Electronics assembly / soldering; museums / archives; laboratories; dental laboratories; operating rooms; goldsmith / jewellers; school chemistry laboratories; manicurists / pedicurists; prosthesis production; and mechanical workshops.

These extraction arms are available as standard, ready-to-use units, or they can be ordered by part to build a completely customised dust extraction solution for your workspace. Ensuring you get the most appropriate arm handling solution, the extraction arms can be mounted as standing, hanging or attached to a wall.

Our range of laboratory extraction arms provide desktop solution for dust extraction and laboratories.

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Laboratory Extraction Arms for Fumes / Dust

Our range of extraction arms is comprised of high-quality, at-the-source dust extraction. Solutions for non-explosive, explosive and corrosive dust.

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ESD/EX-rated Laboratory Extraction Arms

ESD/EX-rated laboratory extraction arms provide an efficient, easy-use extraction system for explosive and static dust.

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Chemical Laboratory Extraction Arms

Chemical laboratory extraction arms provide efficient extraction of corrosive dusts with higher chemical properties.

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Features of our  laboratory extraction arms:

  • Airflow from 30 to 450 m3/hr
  • 99% material recovery by weight
  • Arm Ø: 35 – 100 mm