Combifab Fans

Combifab Fans from Envirox are available as Combifab F for normal dust and fumes and Combifab FZ for explosive / combustible dust. These are heavy duty centrifugal fans with 3 different fan wheel designs and 4 housing and drive configurations to meet the application requirements.

Combifab F and FZ Fans

Combifab F and Combifab FZ fans from Envirox provide up to 87% efficiency with very low energy consumption and low maintenance costs in direct-driven or belt-driven variations.

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An efficient industrial fan design solution is a direct driven configuration with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) on the fan motor instead of a belt driven configuration, which requires 2% – 5% more energy than a direct drive and VSD arrangement.

The fan performance can be modified manually through the VSD control interface and a PID Control Loop, and energy consumption can be minimised by installing autogates, ultimately contributing to economical management of resources and waste and more effective production.

Our Combifab fans have a  200 – 200 000 m³/h airflow.


3 impellers form the heart of our Combifab Fan systems:

    • Clean Air Impeller – Type R

A closed bladed impeller with backward curved blades, used for transport of clean air and air with a small quantity of fine dust, such as welding smoke, oil mists or exhaust gases. It has an efficiency of up to 87%.

    • Chip Impeller – Type S

A closed, partly self-cleaning bladed impeller with straight, backward oblique blades, used for transport of grinding and polishing dust, dry sawdust and shavings. The chip impeller has up to 81% efficiency.

    • Transport Impeller – Type T

An open, self-cleaning bladed impeller with straight, radial blades, it has an efficiency of up to 61% and is used for transport of shavings, chips, and other materials.


 Combifab fans benefits 

  • Caters for a vast range of industries
  • Simple and powerful
  • Economical management of resources and waste
  • increased production uptime
  • Improved energy utilisation

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