Shaker Bags

Shaker bags from Envirox use mechanical agitation to free the filter media of dust collected during filtration.

The simplicity of shaker bags provides an efficient, reliable and cost-effective baghouse solution that for a wide range of industries and applications.

Dusty air enters the filter compartment from the bottom, and is drawn through the baghouses.Dust particles are then collected around the inside of the bag, with only clean air exiting the filter.Shaker bags continue to provide air filtration until the amount of dust cake collected within the bag begins to restrict the airflow.

At this point, the incoming air must be stopped and a cleaning cycle to begin. The bags are cleaned via motor-driven vibration which shakes the bags and dislodges that collected dust particulates.

Features of our shaker bags:

  • Intense cleaning cycle reduces residual dust build-up
  • High collection efficiency
  • Simple, reliable filter bag solution

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