Reverse Air Filter Bags

Reverse air filter bags from Envirox use negative pressure to effectively clean the filter media at given intervals, providing an efficient dust collection solution.

Dusty air enters the hopper, before being directed up into the baghouses. Dust that is too heavy to remain suspended immediately drops down the hopper and is removed. Finer dust particulates are trapped on the inside of the bags, and allowed to cake until airflow becomes too restricted. When this occurs, the filter compartment is taken offline from the positive pressure fan. The resulting negative pressure causes the filter bags to collapse, dislodging the residual dust cake. Anti-collapse rings prevent the bags from collapsing completely and blocking the free removal of the dust.

Features of our reverse air filter bags:

  • Gentle cleaning procedure is suited to higher temperatures
  • Even distribution of dust and abrasion enhances lifespan and performance
  • Woven and non-woven filter bags

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