Pulse Jet Filter Bags

Pulse jet filter bags from Envirox provide efficient and reliable particulate filtration for industrial airstreams.

Cleaned with a short burst of compressed air, pulse jet dust collectors can be operated continuously in virtually any filter configuration.

Pulse jet filter bags have a closed-bottom and open-top design that encourages the air to pass through the outside of the bag, where particlulates are trapped evenly along the filter media.

The clean air inside the bag is exhausted through the bag’s opening outlet at the top. Bags are prevented from collapsing by a cylindrical metal cage that retains the shape of the baghouse under vacuum.

The cleaning of the filter media is done in through a short burst of compressed air (<0.1 seconds), which flexes the media surface and dislodges the dust cake.

This process is specified with a digital timer. Pulse jet filter designs ensure minimal dust build-up and increased filtration efficiency.

Features of our pulse jet filter bags

  • High air-to-cloth ratio
  • Low pressure drop to collection efficiency
  • Woven and non-woven bag filters

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