Filter Media

Filter media from Envirox covers the full range of dust collection applications, with a range of felted and synthetic materials available.

Low Temperature Filter Media

Our range of low temperature filter media includes Polyester, Acrylic and Polypropylene media, for applications up to 150° C.

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High Temperature Filter Media

Our high temperature filter media is designed for use in gas streams exceeding 160° C. Fibreglass, Aramid, PPS (Polyphenylene), P84 and PTFE media comprise this range.

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Our filter media solutions cater for both low- and high-temperature applications (up to 290° C) in all industries.

Manufactured to the highest quality standards in ISO-certified facilities, Envirox ensures your baghouse filtration is in line with the world industry’s best filtration practices.

We supply filtration media for pulse jet filter bags, reverse air filter bags and shaker bags

Envirox filter media provides a maximum level of dust collection efficiency while retaining high airflow. The media is engineered to ensure dustcakes can form evenly, which enables a long service life at a performance level that exceeds environmental standards.

A variety of treatment finishes and impregnations are available to provide the filter your application needs.

Treatments against alkalis, mineral acid, organic acid, oxidising agents, organic solvents and hydrolysis alkalis are available

Choose a high-quality, reliable and efficient filter media for your industrial dust filtration requirements.

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