Filter Bag Accessories

Filter bag accessories from Envirox ensure your filter bags are correctly assembled and configured within your filtration system to provide optimum filtration performance.


Our baghouse cages provide optimum operational and cleaning support to your filter bags, ensuring they operate at peak performance.

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End Caps

End caps ensure optimum mounting and installation of your filter bags, guaranteeing they sit correctly within your filter compartments.

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Lab Analysis

Lab analysis testing ensures your filter bags conform to their rated performance specifications. A range of tests are available.

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Leak Detection

Our leak detection solutions pinpoint the exact location of leaks and filter bag damage to ensure maximum equipment uptime.

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Tension assemblies ensure optimum tension is maintained on the bag during operation, and reduces excessive shock stress on the filter bag.

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We also provide leak detection and lab analysis services for filter bags to monitor bag health and performance.

Filter bag-based filtration entails more than just finding the correct bag for your application. The way this bag functions during operation is just as important in achieving an efficient filtration system.

We supply a range of cages, end caps and tensioners for our filter bags that provide support to the media during both filtration and cleaning, maximising the performance life of each bag.

To ensure your filter bags remain in top condition, Envirox offers lab analysis and leak detection services that allow us to isolate bag health issues, as well as monitor the performance of your dust collection operation.

Contact Envirox today to configure your filter bags for maximum performance with our filter bag accessories.

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