Single and Double Exhaust Extractor

Single and Double Nederman Exhaust Extractors are marketed and distributed by Envirox. Both of these high quality exhaust extractors come standard with a bracket for easy installation and are already prepared for fan mounting on the bracket.

Our Single Exhaust Extractor, available with or without the fan, is a reliable and functional solution designed to remove exhaust fumes from all types of stationary vehicles. It is available with a balancer, which automatically raises the hose and nozzle after disconnection, and keeps them lifted at all times. A cord can also be used for manual hose suspension.  

The Double Exhaust Extractor has been designed to remove exhaust fumes from two vehicles at the same time, saving you time. It is also ideal for vehicles with twin exhaust pipes.

Single Exhaust Extractors for high temperature applications are also available from Envirox.

Single and Double Exhaust Extractor Hose benefits

  • Easy installation and handling
  • A cost-effective solution requiring minimal space
  • A clean and safe working environment
  • More effective production
  • Improved production uptime

Improve your working environment and increase efficiency while reducing environmental impact with exhaust extractors from Envirox

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Technical Leaflet

File Type Name of Document Document Description Language File Size
Single and Double Exhaust Extractor Hose- Balancer Nederman Balancers are primarily used for supporting and lifting exhaust hoses for exhaust rails and other vehicle exhaust extraction systems. English 333 kb