Exhaust Rail Systems

Envirox stocks and supplies easy-to-handle exhaust rail systems, which comprise a basic rail and exhaust kit, enabling very high extraction efficiency in all types of vehicle workshops.

Just one extraction unit can serve several work bays. The unit is made of lightweight material and ball bearing wheels making them easy to move. Their compact, modern design allows for easy positioning and storage, while quick and easy installation reduces overhead costs. All units come standard with an automatic damper for airflow control.

Envirox caters for vehicles with double exhaust pipes using two 400 exhaust rail system units, which are ideal for this purpose.

Exhaust nozzles need to be disconnected manually.

Exhaust Rail System Benefits

  • Compact, modern design and easy to position
  • Automatic damper for airflow control
  • Quick and simple installation reduces cost
  • Clean and safe working environment
  • Improved quality of finished product
  • Improved production
  • Economical management of resources

Improve your working environment and increase production efficiency with exhaust rail systems from Envirox

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Technical Leaflet

File Type Name of Document Document Description Language File Size
Exhaust Rail Systems- Mechanichal system for ViM_920 Mechanical system for vehicles in motion English 1852 kb
Exhaust Rail Systems-Pneumatic exhaust extraction system 920 for vehicles in motion Pneumatic Rail System – PRS, is a fully automatic, exhaust extraction system for all types of vehicles. English 858 kb
Exhaust Rail Systems- Balancer For supporting vehicle exhaust extraction hoses English 333 kb
Exhaust Rail Systems - 920 Stationary Exhaust Rail Systems 920 Stationary For stationary vehicles English 1578 kb