Exhaust Extraction

Exhaust extraction systems from Envirox include a complete range of exhaust extractors, exhaust nozzles and hoses for extracting exhaust fumes at source in vehicle repair shops, emergency services, car inspection facilities and bus garages.

As the sole distributor of Nederman dust filtration and exhaust extraction systems in sub-Saharan Africa, Envirox helps you:

  • prevent risks to worker health from toxic and carcinogenic fumes
  • comply with Health and Safety requirements and regulations
  • keep your premises clean and tidy
  • increase your workspace efficiency

Our exhaust extraction systems are also easily combined with our range of cable reels and systems for distributing lubricants, compressed air, water, electricity, and so forth.

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What are your exhaust extraction requirements?

Our exhaust extraction solutions are ideal in manufacturing production lines and rectification areas; testing stations and vehicle inspection stations; repair shops for passenger cars, heavy commercial vehicles and public transport; airports and military facilities; and fire and rescue parking bays and service facilities.

Envirox exhaust extraction solutions enable you to negate the dangers of carbon monoxide in your workspace, delivering:

  • reduced damage to your expensive diagnostic equipment, removing oil films and carbon black from your workshop
  • reduced odour from fumes and diesel
  • increased energy efficiency, because at-source capturing is the most efficient method of exhaust extraction
  • lower insurance costs with decreased liabilities from exhaust emissions
  • maximum compliance to government regulations and laws
  • a cleaner shop, meaning happier, healthier employees, while also lowering the cost of cleaning

Our Exhaust Extraction systems include:

Find Out More About Our Exhaust Extraction Range

Single and Double Exhaust Extractor

Available with or without built-in extractor fans in hose lengths from 5 – 7.5 m, our single and double exhaust extraction systems are easy to install, cost-effective and provide...

View our Single and Double Exhaust Extractor range

Exhaust Hose Reels

Our exhaust extraction hose reels are available in motor-driven and spring-recoil configurations. They are easy to handle, and their built-tin patented automatic damper saves energ...

View our Exhaust Hose Reels range

Exhaust Rail Systems

Exhaust extraction rail systems are easy to move and position, with a compact design, allowing operators to extract exhaust emissions with maximum efficiency, ultimately increasing...

View our Exhaust Rail Systems range

Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Extraction

Our emergency vehicle exhaust extraction systems are available for all types of emergency vehicles. They are used mainly in fire and rescue parking bays and service shops, providin...

View our Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Extraction range

On Floor Exhaust Extraction Hose

The on floor exhaust extraction hose from Envirox ensures zero leakage flow between the hose and floor outlet, contributing to waste management and reducing pollution.

View our On Floor Exhaust Extraction Hose range

Extension Arms

Our extension arms can be combined with a single exhaust extractor or exhaust hose reels, enabling operators to easily access difficult-to-reach places, and are available in 4.2 or...

View our Extension Arms range

Exhaust Nozzles

We have an extensive range of nozzles that allow flexible usability in your exhaust extraction. They are designed to handle large volumes of hot exhaust fumes safely and facilitate...

View our Exhaust Nozzles range

Exhaust Hoses

We offer 4 kinds of exhaust extraction hoses designed to have a low pressure drop and to handle temperatures ranging from 150° to 750° C, contributing to economical resource mana...

View our Exhaust Hoses range

Exhaust Extraction Accessories

We supply a complete range of exhaust extension accessories, from hose clips with rubber sleeves to galvanised steel hose connectors to hose couplings and quick couplers.

View our Exhaust Extraction Accessories range

These exhaust extraction systems are characterised by economical management of resources and waste, and maximise your production uptime and energy utilisation, to ensure your workers safety and improve the quality of your application.

With an extensive full range of exhaust nozzles, hoses and accessories, Envirox ensures your exhaust extraction system is customised to your workshop and application requirements to provide maximum productivity. Our exhaust extraction systems can be assembled with a range of extractor fans

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Why you should partner with Envirox for your exhaust extraction requirements

Our exhaust extraction systems are easy to handle, and are very compact, ensuring they take up minimum space in your service shop. They are a low-cost solution for all exhaust extraction applications, and are easy to install.

As the sole distributor for Nederman air filtration, Envirox supplies end-to-end exhaust extraction solutions, including feasibility studies, planning, system design, installation, commissioning, training, testing and maintenance. You’ll find Nederman exhaust extraction solutions all over the world’s motor service workshops!

We ensure your exhaust extraction system is supplied and consistently operates according to OEM specifications as per their European engineered design standards.

Envirox is committed to ensuring we:

  • supply the optimum exhaust extraction solution for your application
  • provide aftersales service levels that exceed our competitors
  • give expert technical advice and support
  • provide short lead times for deliveries
  • deliver exceptional installation quality


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