Mobile Dust Collectors

Mobile dust collectors from Envirox include the portable dust collectors and a range of accessories, all ideal for capturing and eliminating welding fumes and dust from your industrial or hygiene-sensitive workplace.

Mobile dust collector benefits 

  • Designed for hygiene-sensitive work areas
  • Portable filters for versatile use
  • Compact and user-friendly design
  • Cleanable filters – low operating cost
  • Safe disposal of collected dust
  • Improved safety and working conditions


Mobile dust collector applications 

Our range of mobile dust collectors, sourced directly from OEM Nederman, are tailored for use in applications for

  • Light & medium dust removal
  • Food & chemical industry
  • Organic solvents, fumes & gas contaminants
  • Light duty welding & odour extraction
  • Welding fumes and smoke


Effective welding fume and dust extraction products from Envirox, increase
operator health and safety and end product quality through improved, cleaner working conditions.


Our Mobile Dust Collectors include:

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FilterBox Mobile Dust Collectors

Envirox supplies a range of Nederman W3-approved portable welding fume and dust extraction units through its FilterBox series.

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FilterCart Mobile Dust Collectors

We supply a range of Nederman FilterCart mobile welding fume extractors for all welding, odour and extraction applications.

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Why use Envirox Mobile Dust Collectors?

Welding fumes affect the operator’s (or welder’s) health conditions, product quality and production equipment. Excess fumes and dust reduce capacity, disturb the production and decrease the bottom line result. Capturing fumes at the source with a mobile dust collector from Envirox, developed by Nederman, is the only effective way to eliminate the health hazard!


Our mobile dust collectors enable you to capture fumes at the source. Complete the enquiry form to see find out how our solution will benefit your workplace.