Dust Collectors

Envirox dust collectors are ideal for any type of dust or fume particulate, from inert metal or ceramic filings to woodchips, toxic fumes and high-temperature gases!

This complete range Nederman dust collectors utilise baghouse, cartridge and cassette filters to remove dust, smoke and fume particles from your workplace’s airstream –creating a cleaner, safer and healthier workspace!

Why use dust collection systems?

Dust particles vary in size, from small to large particles, that not only leave layers of dust on equipment (that can cause slipping), but can also cause dangerous health risks if inhaled over a long period. These health risks can cause respiratory diseases, such as asthma, emphysema, hay-fever and irritation of the eyes. 

Envirox dust collectors help operators avoid these hazards, not only contributing to a healthier, safer workplace, but also increase overall uptime.

Why use Envirox dust collectors?

Our extensive range of dust collectors caters for a wide range of industrial dusts, air volumes and particle types. They can be used in hot gas and high temperature applications, and are ideal for thermal cutting applications and welding fume extraction. In addition, we offer a specialised range of ATEX-approved dust collectors that are suited to collect and filter potentially combustive and explosive dusts.

View our range of dust collectors:

Find Out More About Our Dust Filtration Range

Dust Collectors for General Dust

Dust collectors for general dust include a wide range of filtration systems for the extraction of dust and particle contaminants..

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Hot Gases and High Temperature Dust Collectors

These dust collectors are tailored for use in larger industrial plants with hot gas applications.

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Dust collectors for combustible dust

ATEX-approved dust collectors to capture and filter dry dust and fumes; dry powder and dust with explosion risk applications; light, medium and heavy dust particles; metal grinding...

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Thermal Cutting Dust Collectors

These dust collectors feature reverse jet cartridge filters and are ideal for the removal of fine dusts and fumes. Ideal for all thermal cutting applications.

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Welding Fumes and Smoke Dust Collectors

These dust collectors remove fine dusts, fumes, and smoke and course air particles.

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Dust collector applications: 

Use Envirox range of dust collectors in a wide range of applications. The entire range features specialised filters and heavy-duty exteriors that make them suited for sub-Saharan Africa’s toughest applications. They are used for: 

  • General dust
  • Hot gases and high temperatures
  • Combustible dust
  • Thermal cutting applications
  • Welding fumes and smoke
  • Light, medium and heavy dry dust and fumes
  • Explosive dust
  • Welding fumes and smoke dust
  • Fine slag, smoke and thermal particles generated during plasma and laser cutting


Nederman dust collectors available in sub-Saharan Africa:

These dust collectors, supplied, installed and serviced by Envirox, offer a variety of achievable air volumes for low to high concentrations of dust, smoke and fumes. They keepyour workspace airflow healthy and clean with energy efficient, high-quality designs, all of which are Swedish engineered by the renowned Nederman Group.


Filtration solutions for your application:

Bag filters have a wide range of industrial applications, and can deal with almost all types of dust, including wood chips and fumes. We have a range of round bag and flat bag filter products and systems. Bag dust collectors are available in reverse air, pulse jet and shaker configurations. 

Cartridge filters offer large filter areas in relation to their size, and are best suited for the filtration of dry and fine dusts.

Cassette filters also have a large filter area, and are best suited to low to medium dust concentrations in industrial process filtration and dust collection applications. Envirox also offers specialised filter types for large air volumes and very specific dust types.


Get the ideal dust collector suited to your specific application requirements. Contact Envirox today by filling out the form!


Things to consider when choosing a dust collector:

The following points should be considered before finalising your selection.

  • Dust concentration and particle size
    The dust concentration in mineral processing operations can range from 0.23 to 11.44 grams per cubic metre of air. Particle size can vary from 0.5 to 100 micrometres (µm) in diameter.
  • Amount of dust collection required
    This depends on the dust potential as a health hazard, the factory/building location, salvage value and more. Your choice should be based on the efficiency required.
  • Airstream characteristics
    The characteristics of airstreams is an important. Cotton fabric filters, for example, cannot be used where air temperatures exceed 82 °C and steam or water vapour condensation can blind bags, among others.
  • Dust characteristics
    Moderate to heavy concentrations of many dusts can be abrasive to dry centrifugal collectors. Hygroscopic material can blind bag collectors while sticky material can adhere to collector elements and plug passages.
  • Disposal methods
    Dry materials can create secondary dust problems during unloading and disposal and disposing of wet slurry or sludge can be problematic if wastewater is not correctly treated.


A dust collection equipment expert from Envirox can help you select the best dust collector for your requirements. Fill out the above enquiry form and an expert will contact you!