Cyclone Dust Collectors

Envirox supplies a range of cyclone dust collectors that separate large volumes of material in both indoor and outdoor applications.Additionally, our range can be used as pre-separators and protective devices.

Cyclone dust collector benefits

  • High collection efficiency
  • Used for pre-separation or protective device
  • Tailored for use in high temperatures
  • Secure storage of collected material
  • Centrifugal force purifies air

Cyclone dust collector applications 

Our range of cyclone dust collectors are tailored for use in applications in

  • Transportation airflow
  • Dust and chips for in- & outdoor applications
  • High temperature flue gas
  • Pre-separation & protection

Our range of cyclone dust collectors includes:

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Cyclone 200

Cyclone 200 pre-separators are suited for applications where large amounts of pre separated collected material from transportation airflow is required

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NC Cyclone

NC Cyclone is ideal for separating materials such as dust and chipped segments from the airflow for all indoor and outdoor applications.

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MCA Multi Cyclone

The MCA range of Multi Cyclone separators are designed for extremely high temperature flue gas separation up to 300° C through robust steel construction.

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Obtain efficient dust and material collection in high temperatures and store it securely, all in the same cyclone. Contact Envirox today for more information.


Multi-purpose Cyclone Dust Collectors:

This range of Cyclone Dust Collectors adds versatility to your application as they can be used as pre-separators to reduce the dust load reaching the final filter or as protective devices to remove large hot particles (up to 300 °C) from the gas or air stream to prevent damage to the filter material.


Our Cyclone Dust Collectors are ideal for:

  • Separating large materials from the airflow
  • Flue gas particle separation
  • Silos, tanks and containers to store the collected materials 


Cyclone dust collectors provide additional solutions for the air filtration market where conventional dust collectors are not applicable, like wet applications for example.