Welding and Cutting

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Welding fume extraction for safe and efficient metal fabrication and cutting processes.

Welding and cutting fumes can cause potential health problems for your operators if not treated properly. Not only are welders at risk in unsafe environments, production equipment, as well as end-products, are negatively affected from the lack of adequate safety measures.

Envirox offers an extensive range of welding fume solutions to protect your operators from these risks.

Limit operator exposure to welding fumes with our extraction and ventilation solutions that capture the fumes as close to the source as possible. This protects not only the welder but also other workers.

Envirox systems are designed to extract welding smoke from a number of workstations and are also used for cleaning workplaces and machines.

The range includes mobile units for welding fume extraction as well as reel hosesfor gas and compressed air and cable reelsfor electric power.

We provide everything from single welding fume extractors to complete welding fume extraction systems that:

  • Protect your workers’ health
  • Protect equipment and processes
  • Reduce production disturbances

Envirox will customise a welding fume extraction solution for your workspace and your exact requirements. Contact us today to find out how.

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Nederman Products Combined with Envirox Services

Nederman has the market’s widest range of products for industrial air filtration. These are complemented by several other products and systems
within the environmental technology industry, including solutions for recycling consumable materials and managing waste products for improving production economics.

Products: Product sales, where the Group supplies products and components.

Services: Maintenance of existing installations with spare parts, service consumables and upgrades.

Solutions: The Group takes lead responsibility for engineering design, delivery, installation, and start-up.