Metal Machining

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Solutions for cleaner air and workspaces, and coolant management in all metal machining applications.

When working in metal machining, workers face a range of challenges that can cause serious health and safety consequences if not dealt with properly.

  • Metal-working produces large amounts of swarf that have a negative effect on health and workshop cleanliness
  • Metal-working generates oil mist that has negative impacts on health and the environment
  • Microscopic oil drops affect sensitive electronics that can cause machines to break
  • Metal machinery requires large flows of coolant to prevent overheating

Envirox has the solutions to solve these problems in metal machining. By using effective coolant filtering, swarf management and air filtration systems, you can achieve a cleaner and healthier workspace!

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Nederman Products Combined with Envirox Services

Nederman has the market’s widest range of products for industrial air filtration. These are complemented by several other products and systems
within the environmental technology industry, including solutions for recycling consumable materials and managing waste products for improving production economics.

Products: Product sales, where the Group supplies products and components.

Services: Maintenance of existing installations with spare parts, service consumables and upgrades.

Solutions: The Group takes lead responsibility for engineering design, delivery, installation, and start-up.