Fire & Emergency Solutions

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Exhaust extraction for fire and emergency stations.

  • Improve operator safety

Fume exhausts are found in every fire station. They are produced when an emergency vehicle’s engine burns diesel fuel. These exhausts comprise of gases and soot particles that contain several toxic air contaminants as well as carcinogenic substances (benzene, arsenic and formaldehyde). Exposing fire- and emergency-personnel to these substances can have serious consequences on their health.

Envirox is able to protect your employees from these threats with its extraction systems that are designed especially for emergency vehicles.

Our solutions extract these fumes directly from the source (the exhaust) – eliminating the dangers of exhaust fumes!

Envirox offers a range of exhaust extraction systems that fulfil the specific needs of your station! No matter the size of your station, sizes, or types of vehicles, Envirox has the solution for you.

Exhaust extraction systems:

  • Track systems: cost-effective back-in systems for small to medium large stations
  • Rail systems: high-capacity drive-through or back-in systems for medium and large stations
  • Vertical stack systems: for back-in or combined back-in/drive-through

Envirox will customise an extraction solution for your station and your exact requirements! Contact us today to find out how!

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