Resource Management

Proper and careful resource management can turn losses incurred from unwanted by-products into substantial profits if the correct solutions are used. Envirox supplies, installs and services a range of resource management solutions that contribute to improved production economics, safer work-places and reduced environmental impact.

With resource management solutions from Envirox, excess material in industries working with paper, board, wood and metal, waste is minimised and profitably recycled. All solutions comply with SABS approved standards.  Our team of engineers discusses the ideal solution with the client, which can be tailored to their requirements.

Our range of Resource Management equipment includes:

Materials Handling & Storage

Materials handling and storage solutions from Envirox facilitate increased uptime. They guarantee continuous flow of materials to other processes over short distances, while contributing to employee safety.

Metal Swarf & Chips

Metal swarf and chip solutions from Envirox reduce both waste handling and waste transportation costs, adding to overall profitability.

Wood Waste

Wood waste solutions from Envirox enhance production flow, improve air quality and are ideal for use in all wood-based applications.

Paper & Board Waste

Paper and board waste solutions from Envirox are ATEX-certified, reduce the risk of dust exploding and protects employees and facilities from dust.

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