Production Recycling / Recovery

Envirox has a range of solutions for the recovery of blasting media, coolant and cutting fluid and foundry sand, ensuring an efficient use and management of these process particles and fluids.

Envirox’s range of solutions ensure a clean and safe work area that is free from the oil mist of machinery and the swarf and grit of production. Our range of coolant filters also ensure that mechanical fluid is cleared of sediment and residues, enhancing machine lifespan and performance. Our grit and sand collectors effectively recover the process particles and feed them back into your supply, reducing your capital costs.

Production recovery solutions from Envirox enhance the efficiency of your workspace, increase the health of your workforce, maximise equipment life and performance, and reduce CO2 output and process waste.

Our solutions solve the following industrial extraction and filtration challenges:

Blasting Media

Envirox blasting media extraction solutions recover the grit used in abrasive blasting so it can be reused while keeping your shop clean.

Coolant and Cutting Fluid

Our solutions for coolant and cutting fluid remove particle from machine coolant, while reducing oil mist and swarf.

Foundry Sand

Envirox ensures an effective recovery of foundry casting sand to increase the efficiency of your foundry.

Optimise your process with an appropriate recovery solution from Envirox!

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