Oil mist filters

Oil mist filters from Envirox are ideal for all metal machining and welding fume extractionapplications. This range of NOM Nederman filters eliminates the hazards of oil mist – a natural by-product of metal machining. Envirox oil mist filers eliminate slippery surfaces and harmful inhalation from your workspace.

The NOM series oil mist filters achieve up to 99.7% separation efficiency when equipped with a HEPA filter and is suitable for emulsions and neat oil.

These compact filters fit into the ducting system in metal machining, and are designed for all metal-related applications: lathing and milling, stamping and pressing steel plates, industrial washing machines, abrasive water jets, etc.


Benefits of our oil mist filters:

  •          Self-draining filters
  •          Low maintenance costs
  •          Compact designs for confined spaces
  •          High airflow capabilities: 11 200 m3 per hour
  •          Replacement oil mist filters available


Envirox is the sole distributor of Nederman industrial air filtration systemsin sub-Saharan Africa. Contact us today to find a solution for your workspace or fill out the form and we’ll contact you!


Our range of oil mist filters includes:

NOM 4 Oil Mist Collector

NOM 4 oil mist collector is compact and easy to install. Ideal for use in closed cabinet single CNC machines

View our NOM 4 Oil Mist Collector

NOM 11 Oil Mist Filter

NOM 11 oil mist collector is suitable for emulsions and neat oil and can fit into a ducting system in metal machining.

View our NOM 11 Oil Mist Collector

NOM 18  Oil Mist Filter

NOM 18 oil mist filter is ideal for high airflow applications – 1 800 m3 per hour and suited for emulsions and neat oil.

View our NOM 18 Oil Mist Filter

NOM 28 Oil Mist Filter

NOM 28 oil mist filter provides high separation efficiency, with a maximum airflow of 2 800 m3 per hour for all metal machining applications.

View our NOM 28 Oil Mist Filter

NOM 112 Oil Mist Filter

NOM 112, the largest oil mist filter in our range, provides high-performance and high-capacity oil mist separation, with a maximum air flow of 11 200 m3 / hr.

View our NOM 112 Oil Mist Filter


Envirox also supplies replacement oil mist filters for any type of collector! Replacement and spares!

Envirox stocks a comprehensive range of spare parts for all its oil mist filters. Our experience, industry knowledge and equipment expertise, gives us the know-how to predict when your oil mist filters and parts will need exchanging.

We also provide maintenance contracts. Regularly servicing your oil mist filtration systems’products extends their operating life!

Envirox services and supports its entire range of industrial air filtration systems in South Africa and throughout Africa. We also partner with you over the life-cycle of your installation, with full lab analysis and leak detection support for your filtration systems.


Find the ideal oil mist filter for your application! Contact Envirox today by filling out the form above.

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within the environmental technology industry, including solutions for recycling consumable materials and managing waste products for improving production economics.

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