Industrial Fans Cape Town

Industrial fans in Cape Town are available from Envirox, the South African-based supplier of high quality well-renowned Nederman industrial dust and air filtration solutions. This range of industrial fans is designed to protect people from harmful dust and particles, fibres, gas, welding fume and smoke, vehicle exhaust and oil mist. Essentially, industrial fans from Envirox provide a cleaner and healthier work environment across numerous industries, ultimately enhancing employee well-being.

Envirox stocks, supplies, installs and maintains a range of high quality normal and ATEX-approved industrial fans in Cape Town, throughout the Western Cape and South Africa; as well as southern and sub-Saharan Africa. All industrial fans from Envirox are tailored for use across a numerous applications in a wide range of industries, ensuring healthy working environments for its customers and their employees. 

All of our industrial fans are designed to aid in managing resources and production waste economically. This contributes to reduced energy utilisation and increased production uptime, cleaner, healthier and safer working environments.


Benefits of industrial fans Cape Town 

  • Improved production economics
  • Reduces environmental strain derived from industrial processes
  • Available with ATEX-certification
  • Healthier, cleaner work environment and less air pollution
  • Local supply means increased availability and faster delivery times


Industrial Fan Solutions Cape Town

Envirox offers a number of industrial fan solutions in Cape Town and all other provinces.


  • N Series Industrial Fans in Cape Town

Our N Series Industrial Fans comprise 5 categories of fans specifically designed for welding fumes, dusts and exhaust gas applications. Get the ideal N Series fan for your application, with power ranging from 0.55 kW to 2.2 kW and airflows from 400 to 4 000 m³/h.


  • Portable Industrial N Series Fans in Cape Town

Our Portable Industrial Fans are simple, but powerful, ventilation units available in 2 variations and ideal for work in confined and enclosed spaces. They are used for extracting welding fumes, steam dust or for providing fresh air. They are compact and easy-to-use.


  • NCF Industrial Fans in Cape Town

Envirox’s NCF Fans, available for normal dust and explosive dust (Dx) come standard with vibration absorbers. The normal dust series has the protective rating category IP 55, and the ATEX-compliant version rating of IP 65. The Dx range also has inlet/outlet adapters and an inspection hatch as standard.


  • Combifab Industrial Fans in Cape Town

Available in 2 versions, the Combifab F for normal dust and the Combifab FZ for explosive dust, this range comes with heavy duty centrifugal fans with 3 fan wheel designs and 4 housing and drive configurations to meet application requirements. A direct driven configuration with VSD on the fan motor variant can save up to 5% energy.


  • Industrial Fan Accessories in Cape Town

Envirox industrial fan accessories include variable speed drives (VSDs), fan starters, ducting, manual and motorised dampers, among others.


Ensure cleaner working environments and increased production processes with Envirox Industrial Fans Cape Town.

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Nederman Products Combined with Envirox Services

Nederman has the market’s widest range of products for industrial air filtration. These are complemented by several other products and systems
within the environmental technology industry, including solutions for recycling consumable materials and managing waste products for improving production economics.

Products: Product sales, where the Group supplies products and components.

Services: Maintenance of existing installations with spare parts, service consumables and upgrades.

Solutions: The Group takes lead responsibility for engineering design, delivery, installation, and start-up.