Fume Extraction

Fume extraction equipment from Envirox is designed and manufactured to optimise fume extraction solutions for clean and healthyworkplaces. Fume extraction solutions of the highest quality protect personnel from exposure to dangerous and toxicfumes and gases.

Envirox is the sole distributor of Nederman fume extraction solutions. Mobile and stationary fume extraction equipment is supplied and serviced by Envirox – these can be customised to your specific application requirements.

Our range of fume extraction equipment includes:

Dangers of ineffective fume extraction

Ineffective fume extraction can result in several long-term health risks. It can safely be assumed that fumes in most industrial or commercial applications are toxic. Ineffective fume extraction poses long-term threats such as cancer in the lungs, larynxor urinarytract. Other organs that are most affected include the heart, skin, intestine, stomach and kidneys.  

Short-term risks of fume inhalation include metal fume fever, bronchitis, slowdigestion, cramps and nausea. In addition to potentially entering personnel through their respiratory systems, fumes can settle on the workplaces and equipment. This often results in additionalmaintenance and ultimately, inflated overheadcosts.

Benefits of Envirox fume extraction solutions:

  • Safe and clean environmentsfor workers and no damage to equipment and machinery
  • Keep workplaces free of harmful fumes and smoke! Customised solutions available for individual applications
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Cleaner workplaces are generally healthier workplaces and these two factors improve productivity
  • Less absenteeism resulting from illness

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Envirox products for optimum fume extraction:

Dust Collectors

Our dust collectors are suited to filtering dusts, particles, fumes and vapours associated with industrial or commercial production applications. Our range of dust collectors for fume and thermal cutting extraction are available in several sizes and volumes and cater for applications that have hot gas and high temperature, and combustible dust.

Welding Fume Extraction Arms

Our extraction arms are suited to normal and combustible dust extraction applications. This enables extraction of dust at the source making these arms ideal for most welding applications. The Ex range is suited to explosive environments and the entire range has airflows ranging from 600 – 1 900 m³/h. Arm lengths are 2 – 5 m, and wall, roof, extension brackets and rail mountings attachments are readily available.  

Extraction Fans

Envirox has a range of extraction fans ideal for the extraction of welding fumes that contain metallic oxides, silicates and fluorides.  Portable fans like the N series areideal for confined or enclosed spaces; while the NCF and NCF Dx range of fans for fume extraction have extreme temperature tolerances and can operate in either very low to very high ambient temperatures. The Combifab fan range is most suited to heavy duty or high airflow applications. It is available in both standard and ATEX versions.

On Torch Extraction

On Torch extraction enables fume extraction at source. This is the most effective extraction method for capturing and removing fumes. This method minimises exposure to welders and personnel and reduces the dangers associated with welding fumes. Envirox distributes a number of Nederman nozzles that fit existing welding torches; this makes it possible to conduct ‘on torch’ welding fume extraction.

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Factors to consider for effective fume extraction

There are several factors that need to be considered before ordering your fume extraction solution. These factors include:

  • The number of extraction points that are required
  • The average number of extraction points to be used at the same time
  • Whether extraction is routed directly to the atmosphere or through a dust collector
  • Air volumes flow and extraction point inlet velocity requirements
  • Extractor power requirements and noise levels
  • Hose type and extractor arm length required

As a South African supplier of dust and air filtration solutions, including those for fume extraction, Envirox supplies, installs and services products that improve the working environment, reduce environmental impact and increase efficiency.  Envirox filtration solutions contribute to cleaner and healthier workspaces and workplaces, contributing to workplace efficiency.

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