Extraction and Filtration

The Envirox range of dust, fume and oil mist extraction and filtration products ensures your workspace remains clear of industrial dusts and oil mist generated during production cycles. This lowers the risk of injury and health concerns, maximises equipment performance and lifespan, and protects the environment.

We have extraction and filtration solutions for dust and particles; welding fumes; exhaust fumes; solvents, gases and odours; and explosive substances and oil mist. This includes centralised, mobile, arm-mounted and rail-mounted extractors and collectors, all sourced from the high-quality Swedish manufacturer, Nederman.

Our solutions solve the following industrial extraction and filtration challenges:

Combustible Dust

Our combustible dust extraction and filtration  solutions are ATEX compliant to prevent possible explosions, fires and widespread damage. Our dust collector systems and high vacuum systems are ideal for the Food, FMCG, Metal Processing and Wood industries. 

General Dust

Envirox dust and particle extractors deal with a range of dusts generated in cutting, grinding, milling and sanding and many other processes.

Hot Gases

Our hot gas extractors collect the hazardous hot gases in foundries, smelters, biomass power plants and incineration plants.

Oil Mist Filtration

We supply oil mist filtration solutions to keep your work area and airstream free of oil droplets generated by indoor machinery.

Thermal Cutting

Our solutions for thermal cutting extraction collect the harmful dust, fume and vapour particles in your workspace.

Vehicle Exhaust

Our vehicle exhaust collection solutions prevent the harmful toxins of exhaust fumes entering your airstream.

Welding Fume and Smoke

Envirox welding fume and smoke extraction solutions include a range of stationary and mobile solutions for collecting welding dust.

Envirox dust and fume  extraction solutions are ideal in:

  • Food/ FMCG

Dust created during food processing are normally combustible depending on the particle size. We have the best ATEX compliant solutions for combustibles dust which include dust collectors, cyclones, isolation valves, fans, extraction arms and high vacuum systems.

  • General Industry

Envirox has a comprehensive range of product for any type of dust and fume created during manufacturing processes in all industries. With more than 20 different types of dust and oil mist filtration solution, we can solve any of your dust and fume extraction and filtration problems.

  • Laboratories and Electronic component manufacturing

Envirox supplied the Nederman range of benchtop extraction arms suitable for fume and dust extraction in laboratories and in electronic component manufacturing facilities. Applications include for ESD (electrostatic discharge) applications, combustibles and corrosive dust and fumes.

  • Composite Machining

Composite working and plastic fabrication produces fine dust and fibres that need to be extracted at the source before they become a health hazard. Envirox is a leader in providing safe and efficient systems for composite workshops.

  • Exhaust Extraction for Fire and Emergency Stations

Envirox has a range of exhaust extraction solutions for indoor workshops, allowing you to collect the toxins of exhaust fumes before they enter your airstream.

  • Foundry Solutions for Dust and Fume Extraction

We have a range of solutions for dealing with dust, grits and fumes in foundry environments, enabling safe, clean and efficient production.

  • Metal Machining

Oil Mist generated by CNC milling, drilling and grinding are harmful to employees and equipment.

  • Vehicle Repair Shops

We have a range of solutions for any kind of vehicle repair workshop, ensuring you catch the dust, smoke and fumes with a customised extraction solution.

  • Welding Fume Extraction

Enhance the safety of your welding area by capturing welding fume and smoke before it spreads into your workspace, allowing sound, safe and efficient welding and cutting processing.

  • Woodworking Dust Collection

Sawing, planing and sanding wood generates large quantities of sawdust and sanding dust. We supply a range of solutions to capture this dust to ensure you keep your work area clean.


Keep your work environment clear of hazardous dusts, gases, oil mists and other waste!

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