Dust Filtration Solutions in South Africa

Dust filtration in South Africa is set to become an essential part of industrial and commercial business operations within the next few years. This will be driven by the rewriting of sections in South Africa’s Environmental Management Act regarding air pollution. These revised sections will promote dust and air filtration within all sectors, including work environments.

Envirox stocks several products which it combines with specialist services for dust filtration in South Africa. Envirox is the sole distributor for the Nederman range of dust collector dust filtration products in South Africa.


Dust filtration solutions from Envirox

  • Remove all types of dust including fume and other particles
  • Make for cleaner, safer work environments
  • Have air volumes between 1000 m³/h and 500 000 m³/h
  • Include mobile and fixed units
  • Have temperature tolerances up 250°C
  • Guarantee 99.95% collection efficiency when used with HEPA filters
  • Include ATEX-compliant solutions for ST1, ST2 and ST3 combustible dust


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The need for dust filtration in South Africa:

Proper dust is important in any industrial or commercial work place. Continued exposure to wood dust can cause illnesses like emphysema, chronic bronchitis, flu-like symptoms and cancer. In addition, wood dust can carry fungi and chemicals. These can easily lodge in the lungs when airborne, resulting in lung damage and illness. Dust filtration in South Africa is ideal for any type of dust or fume particulate, from inert metal or ceramic filings to woodchips, toxic fumes and high-temperature gases.

In addition:

  • Dust filtration in South Africa is crucial in ensuring the constitutional right to an environment that is not harmful to workers health or well-being
  • Dust filtration in South Africa can drastically reduce air pollution that carries a high social, economic and environmental cost that is seldom borne by the polluter
  • Dust filtration in South Africa can improve the quality of ambient air in many areas of the country. Pollution levels are not conducive to a healthy environment for the people living in those areas let alone promoting their social and economic advancement


Dust filtration in South Africa?

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International technology combined with Envirox service excellence

Nederman has an extensive range of products and solutions for dust filtration in South Africa. These are complemented by several other products and systems within the environmental technology industry. Envirox offers dust filtration in South Africa that include maintenance of existing installations with spare parts , service consumables and upgrades. In addition it takes lead responsibility for engineering design, delivery, installation, and start-up of dust filtration equipment in South Africa. The range of dust filtration products from Nederman fulfils any requirements for dust filtration/extraction in South Africa to remove dust, smoke and fume particles from any workplace’s airstream. All of Nederman’s dust filtration solutions in South Africa combine care for the environment, and for employee health through improving work efficiency and production economy. Its products are both ecologically efficient and economically efficient.


Products used for dust filtration in South Africa

Bag filters have a significant range of applications for dust filtration in South Africa. These include almost any type of dust, including wood chips and fumes. Envirox has a range of round bag and flat bag filter products and systems. Cartridge filters offer large filter areas in relation to their size and are best suited for the filtration of dry and fine dusts. Cassette filters also have a large filter area, and are best suited to low to medium dust concentrations in industrial process filtration and dust collection applications. Envirox also offers specialised filter types for large air volumes and very specific dust types for dust filtration in South Africa.


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