Dust Extractor

Dust extractors from Envirox trap the air contaminants that present health and operational hazards to your workforce and equipment through an array of efficient and reliable filtration technologies, keeping your workspace healthy and clean.

As the South African distributor of the Swedish-engineered Nederman range of dust extractors, Envirox supplies a proven, high-quality dust extractor product range, with a record of success across the world’s industrial environments.

We supply a range of dust extractor systems for all types of industrial dust, including fine particles, explosive dust, smoke, noxious fumes, oil mist, high temperature gases and fine thermal particles in a wide range of achievable air volumes and concentrations.

Several dust extractor technologies are available, ensuring your air filtration system is in line with your functional, space and maintenance requirements. Baghouse filtration is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, and can deal with almost all types of dust, including wood chips and fumes. Cartridge filters are best suited to dry and fine dusts, providing a large area of filtration in relation to their size. Cassette filters are similarly large sized, and are best suited to low to medium dust concentrations in industrial process filtration. We also offer specialised filter types for large air volumes and very specific types of dusts. No matter your dust filtration requirements, Envirox has an optimum dust extractor solution for your workspace!

High-quality Dust Extractors

Envirox offers a complete range of dust extractors, ensuring an optimal air filtration solution for your application. This range of dust extractors includes Dust Collectors, Cyclone Dust Collectors and Mobile Dust Collectors.

Dust Collectors

We supply a wide range of dust extractor systems for any type of particulate concentration in fully specifiable air volumes as required by your operation. Our solutions capture and filter light, medium and heavy dry dust and fumes; powder and explosive dust; welding fumes and smoke dust; and the fine slag, smoke and thermal particles generated during plasma and laser cutting.

Our range of Dust Collectors includes:

  • Dust and Particle Collectors
  • Combustible Dust Collectors
  • Hot Gases/High Temperature Dust Collectors
  • Welding Fumes and Smoke Dust Collectors
  • Thermal Cutting Dust Collectors


Cyclone Dust Collectors

Our range of dust extractors includes Nederman Cyclone Dust Collectors, which provide efficient separation of large volumes of material and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. This range includes solutions for the filtration of a wide variety of industrial dusts. The MCA Multi Cyclone is designed for flue gas separation up to 300° C.

Our range of Cyclone Dust Collectors includes:

  • Cyclone 200 pre-separators
  • MCA Multi Cyclone separators
  • NC Cyclones
  • Multi-purpose Cyclone Dust Collectors


Mobile Dust Collectors 

Our range of Nederman dust extractors include portable units that provide versatility to clients dust extractor requirements through capturing and eliminating welding fumes and dust from your industrial or hygiene-sensitive work site.

Our range of Mobile Dust Collectors includes:

  • FilterBox
  • FilterCart


Envirox is a world leader in dust extractor systems. As a leading integrated environmental sustainability services company, Envirox provides technical and analytical air emissions measurement and management services, and assists its customers in identifying and implementing sustainability solutions.

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Nederman Products Combined with Envirox Services

Nederman has the market’s widest range of products for industrial air filtration. These are complemented by several other products and systems
within the environmental technology industry, including solutions for recycling consumable materials and managing waste products for improving production economics.

Products: Product sales, where the Group supplies products and components.

Services: Maintenance of existing installations with spare parts, service consumables and upgrades.

Solutions: The Group takes lead responsibility for engineering design, delivery, installation, and start-up.