Dust Extraction Systems

Dust extraction systems from Envirox collect dust, smoke and fumes, with a variety of achievable air volumes for low to high concentrations of dust. Our dust extraction systems ensure a healthy, clean airflow in the work environment through energy-efficient, high-quality dust collector designs.

Efficient Dust Extraction Media 

Bag filter dust extraction systems have a wide range of industrial applications, and are capable of dealing with most types of dusts, including wood chips and fumes. Envirox stocks a range of round bag and flat bag filter products and systems.

Cartridge filters offer large filter areas in relation to their size and are most suitable for filtering dry and fine dusts.

Cassette filters also have a large filter area but are more suited to low and medium dust concentrations. Envirox also offers specialised filter types for large air volumes and very specific dust types.

Our range of dust extraction systems

 Envirox offers a number of dust extraction systems solutions through its range of Dust Collectors, Cyclone Dust Collectors and Mobile Dust Collectors. 

Dust Collectors 

Dust and Particle Collector

Dust extraction systems for both indoor and outdoor applications, including ATEX-certified systems for explosive dust categories St1, St2 and St3. A variety of construction materials and filtration media is used to provide application-specific filtration solutions across a number of industries.

Combustible Dust Collector

Used to extract, capture and filter dry dust and fumes; dry powder and dust with explosion risk applications; light, medium and heavy dust particles; metal grinding; and wood dust. Some of these dust extraction systems are IP65-rated, ensuring a dust extraction system that is safe in volatile environments.

Hot Gases/High Temperature Dust Collector

Used for dust extraction systems in larger industrial plants with hot gas applications, these dust collectors operate on the down-flow principle, with specialised filter media being used. Dust extraction systems in this range are ideal for use in very high temperatures up to 250° C, and have an air volume range from 10 000 to 340 000 m³ / hour.

Welding Fumes and Smoke Dust Collector

Pre-separators are one of the hallmarks of this range of dust extraction systems, enabling up to 80% catchment of coarse particles and larger sparks. Nederman’s UniClean cartridge technology and automatic cleaning system facilitates ease and speed of cleaning, contributing to overall increased uptime.

Thermal Cutting Dust Collector

Galvanised steel construction and weather-proofing add toughness to this range of dust extraction systems. Independently-tested with ATEX-compliant features for explosive dust, the high air volume range makes it the ideal dust extraction system for dry dust and fume applications.

Cyclone Dust Collectors  

Envirox supplies a range of Nederman Cyclone Dust Collectors to separate large volumes of material in both indoor and outdoor applications, simplifying the dust extraction.

Cyclone 200 pre-separator

Designed for applications where large amounts of pre-separated collected material from transportation airflow is required.

MCA range of Multi Cyclone separators

This range of dust extraction systems is designed for extremely high temperature flue gas separation up to 300° C.

NC Cyclone

Ideal for filtering dust and chipped segments from the airflow in all indoor and outdoor applications.

Multi-purpose Cyclone Dust Collectors

Dust extraction system that can be used as a pre-separator to reduce the dust load reaching the final filter or as a protective device to remove large, hot particles (up to 300° C) from a gas or air stream to prevent damage to the filter material.

Mobile Dust Collectors 

Having portable dust collectors on hand for dust extraction adds versatility to any clients’ portfolio.


Envirox supplies a range of Nederman W3-approved portable welding fume and dust extraction systems.


The FilterCart range of flexible, portable and lightweight dust extraction systems achieve maximum levels of extraction efficiency in your work area.

Envirox is an integrated environmental sustainability services company providing technical and analytical air emissions measurement and management services, as well as assistance in identifying and implementing sustainability solutions.

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