Dust Extraction Filters

Dust extraction filters from Envirox are ideal for capturing all kinds of dust and fumes from industrial workspaces, providing cleaner, healthier environments.

Our dust extraction filters, sourced from Nederman – a global leader in industrial air filtration and resource management, deliver high-collection efficiency for large quantities of industrial dusts. They provide excellent particulate retention with felted and synthetic media, making them the preferred choice in industrial filtration applications.

Also known as filter bags, these dust extraction filters have been designed for an efficient dust release regardless of cleaning action. This ensures maximum filter capacity.


Benefits of our dust extraction filters:  

  • 3 distinct dust extraction filter types provides versatility
  • Felted and synthetic media for optimised filtration
  • Filter material treatment enhances media resistance properties, maximising product life
  • Maximum filtration capacity ensures high productivity
  • OEM specified installation guarantees optimum performance


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Our range of dust extraction filters:  


Reverse Air Filter Bags 

Use negative pressure to clean the filter media at certain intervals. This provides efficient dust collection and longer product life.

  • Gentle cleaning suited to higher temperatures
  • Even distribution of dust and abrasion enhances performance
  • Woven and non-woven filter bags


Pulse Jet Filter Bags 

Cleaned with a short burst of compressed air, these provide efficient and reliable particulate filtration for industrial airstreams. They can be operated continuously in virtually any filter configuration.

  • High air-to-cloth ratio
  • Low pressure drop to collection efficiency
  • Woven and non-woven bag filters


Shaker Bags

Their simplicity provides an efficient, reliable and cost-effective filter solution, which uses mechanical agitation to free the filter media of dust collected during filtration.

  • Intense cleaning cycle reduces residual dust build-up
  • High collection efficiency
  • Simple, reliable filter bag solution


Filter Media 

Low and high temperature filter media, with a range of felted and synthetic materials, covers the full range of dust collection applications.


Low temperature media filters include: 

  • Polyester filter media
  • Acrylic filter media
  • Polypropylene


High temperature media filters include: 

  • Fibreglass filter media
  • Arimid filter media
  • Polyphenylene filter media
  • P8 filter media


Filter Bag Accessories 

Provide optimum filtration performance by ensuring filter bags are correctly assembled and configured within your filtration system.

  • Cages: provide optimum operational and cleaning support
  • End Caps: ensure optimum mounting and installation
  • Lab Analysis: ensures filters conform to rated performance specs
  • Leak Detection:pinpoint the exact location of leaks and filter damage
  • Tensioners:  ensures optimum tension and reduces excessive shock stress on filters


Filter Material Treatment

Enhances filter media resistance to a range of harmful environment stresses like corrosion, abrasion, high heat, hydrolysis and viscous gasses.


Felted media treatment

  • Singed: improves dust cake collection
  • Calendaring: encourages dust cake formation
  • Heat Setting: minimises shrinkage
  • Oil and water repellent: improves filter stability and reduces bag shrinkage

Fibreglass media treatment

  • Triple Finish: protects glass fabric from abrasion.
  • Chemical resistance: prevent chemical attack of glass filaments
  • Acid resistance: shields from chemical attack
  • Teflon® B: e prevents abrasion.


We also provide leak detection and lab analysis services for dust extraction filters to monitor filter health and performance.


Supplying South Africa and Africa with efficient, reliable dust extraction solutions:

Envirox support South Africa and Africa with application-specific, high quality Nederman industrial air filtration solutions to ensure maximum productivity in your operation through clean and healthy workspaces. Our solutions come with the OEM’s standard service and support.


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