Dust Collectors South Africa

Dust collectors in South Africa are sourced, stocked, supplied and serviced by Envirox, the sole distributor for the Nederman range of dust collectors in South Africa. Nederman is the world leader in industrial air filtration.

Envirox is the South African company that focuses on improving personnel health by providing effective dust filtration solutions to companies in the industrial sector. It does this by ensuring that its dust collectors not only collect dust, but also clean air and remove all dust from workspaces and whole work environments. 

Dust collectors South Africa, a colloquial term used by Envirox for its dust collectors in South Africa, are made up of no less than 5 unique ranges of high quality, high filtration Nederman dust collectors. These ranges of dust collectors for use in South Africa comprise: hot gases and high temperature dust collectors; dust collectors for combustible dust; dust collectors for general dust; welding fumes and smoke dust collectors; and thermal cutting dust collectors. 


Reasons to use dust collectors in South Africa from Envirox 

Proper dust collection and air filtration is important in any work place and any workspace. Repeated exposure to wood dust can cause illnesses like emphysema, chronic bronchitis, flu-like symptoms and cancer. Wood dust regularly contains fungi and chemicals which can lodge in the lungs when airborne, resulting in lung damage and illness. Envirox dust collectors in South Africa are ideal for any type of dust or fume particulate, from inert metal or ceramic filings to woodchips, toxic fumes and high-temperature gases. 

Included within its range of dust collectors in South Africa are ATEX-certified dust collectors for explosive dust categories St1, St2 and St3. In addition, various materials of construction and filtration media incorporated into these dust collectors provide application-specific filtration solutions for a number of industries. Industries using dust collectors in South Africa include food and beveragemedicalchemical dusts and fumeswoodworkmetalwork and fabrication,glass and ceramic workshops, to name only a few.


Some information on dust collectors South Africa   

Hot gases and high temperature dust collectors 

We stock service and supply 2 dust collectors specifically tailored for use with hot gases and high temperatures, each ideal for very high temperatures. Each of these dust collectors, available throughout South Africa, operates on the down-flow principle, and use specialised filter media. High air volume ranges, from 10 000 to 340 000 m³ an hour between the two, large filtering surfaces, a long life and low emissions are only a few reasons why you should use dust collectors from Envirox in South Africa.


Dust collectors for combustible dust 

Dust is extremely combustible and as it accumulates so quickly, especially in environments where different dust types are generated due to the nature of the work conducted, a dust collector in South Africa that is tailored for combustible dust is a must have for many industrial environments. With this in mind, Envirox retains 8 combustible dust collectors tailored to capture and filter dry dust and fumes, dry powder, light, medium and heavy dust particles and all dust with explosive risk applications. Being ATEX-compliant for explosive dusts, these dust collectors are suitable for numerous dusty environments throughout South Africa. We also stock combustible bag filters that cater to numerous applications from wood chips to fumes of all types. 


Dust collectors for general dust 

Filtration systems, or filters, are among the most important components in dust collectors. That’s why, when choosing Envirox for your dust collector needs in South Africa, you have a choice of 11 dust collectors featuring 3 filter types. Also from world-renowned industrial air filtration leader Nederman, our various filters for general dust collectors in South Africa include baghouse, cartridge and cassette filters. They ensure a safe, clean and healthy work environment wherever there is dry and fine dust and in work places that require continuous dust or fume filtration. Industries that use these dust collectors include glass & ceramic workshops, food & beverage, woodwork, medical, metalwork & fabrication and chemical dusts & fumes.


Welding fumes and smoke dust collectors 

This range of dust collectors is tailored for industrial environments, places where clean air is essential and wherever coarse particles and smoke collect. Specifically designed to remove these two harmful disadvantages, they also collect fine dust and fumes very effectively. The FMC welding dust collector and Filtermax F dust collector make up our range of these application specific dust collectors in South Africa. The range includes pre-separators, which means that up to 80% of coarse particles and larger sparks are caught within the system, resulting in much cleaner work places and healthier employees. 


Thermal cutting dust collectors 

Air volume ranges from 3 100 m³ to 21 000 m³ is a unique feature of our thermal dust collectors. Fine dusts and fumes are easily dealt with thanks to the reverse jet cartridge filters, so personnel are not exposed to irritants or harm. They are effective in an outdoor environment too and are ATEX-compliant. Our thermal cutting dust collectors are constructed from galvanised steel adding to its robustness.


Dust collectors South Africa – available from Envirox, the South African and southern African supplier of Nederman dust collectors and dust filtration solutions for business and industry.

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