Dust Collector Bags

Envirox, as the South African industrial air filtration product supplier to southern and sub-Saharan Africa, is focused on delivering the right product that provides the best solution for its customers’ filtration requirements. Its primary focus is to ensure a clean and healthy workspace and work environment. This results in better quality products and a far healthier workforce.

Dust collector bags form part of Envirox’s comprehensive range of air filtration solutions, with a range of 3 primary filter bags to meet all your filtration requirements. These are shaker bags, pulse jet filter bags and reverse air filter bags. As part of its dust collector bag offering, Envirox also supplies filter media and filter bag accessories, and also conducts filter media treatment.


Dust collector bags for industry

High quality dust collector bags that are also durable should be the norm for all industries that remove impurities from air, gas and liquids to ensure that product quality is not jeopardised. Dust collector bags from Envirox can be used in numerous industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Foundry and Smelter solutions
  • Wood Processing
  • General Industry

In addition to their excellent filtration capabilities, filter bags can help to prevent pollution challenges.


Dust collector bags, filter media and dust collector bag accessories from Envirox

  • Shaker Bags: These dust collector bags are mechanically shaken bags that free filter media of accumulated dust. Typically, strong woven dust collector bags are ideal as shaker bags. They have high collection efficiency and are simple to operate with a design that allows compartments to be individually cleaned.
  • Pulse Jet Filter Bags: Dust collector bags in this range are cleaned using a short burst (pulse) of air and are designed for continuous operation in most filter configurations. They have automated self-cleaning functionality and require only low maintenance.
  • Reverse Air Filter Bags: These dust collector bags use negative pressure for effective filter media cleaning. They are designed so the cleaning process is conducted at established intervals, are ideal for dust with higher temperatures and provide extremely high collection efficiency.
  • Filter Media: Ranges of synthetic and felted media are used in our dust collector bags, which are designed for high airflow and maximum dust collection efficiency. Our low temperature dust collector bags come in polyester, acrylic and polypropylene filter media and work with temperatures below 150° C. Our high temperature dust collector bags can work with temperatures in excess of 160° C as media used comprises fibreglass, aramid, PPS, P84 and PTFE.
  • Filter bag accessories: Comprehensive ranges of dust collector bag accessories, sourced from Nederman, are available from Envirox. The range includes cages, end caps and tensioners. Although listed as accessories, Envirox provides lab analysis on dust collector bags to ensure your dust collector bags conform to their rated performance specifications. They also provide a leak detection service with solutions that pinpoint the location of any dust collector bag leaks.
  • Filter Media Treatment: Envirox provides a range of treatments and coatings for felted and fibreglass filter media. These treatments maximise filter media resistance to oil, corrosion, abrasion, high heat, hydrolysis and viscous gases.


Filter media for dust collector bags

Each component of your dust collector plays a pivotal role in the overall dust collector functionality. The dust collector bags, however, are changed or replaced more frequently than most other components. Additionally, it is extremely important that the correct dust collector bag be used with the application it is intended and can accommodate the required temperatures.

Filter media for dust collector bags from Envirox vary, comprising Aramid, P84, Polypropylene, PTFE, Fibreglass, Acrylic, Polyphenylene and Polyester. Click here to view detailed specifications on each filter media in our range of dust collector bags.

Below are features of one product type only from each category mentioned above.

  • ARAMID / NOMEX NEEDLE FELT, 550 g/m²: High temperature resistance up to 200° C (220° C) in dry air conditions. Fibre has non-flammable properties with a limiting Oxygen Index of 29 – 30% O₂. Good strength and abrasion resistance properties, and they are available in a variety of different needle felt styles, weights and surface finishes.
  • P84 / POLYIMIDE NEEDLE FELT, 550 g/m²:  High temperature resistance up to 180° C (200° C) in dry air. Its unique tri-lobal fibre structure provides for high efficiency filtration, low pressure drop and reduced cleaning energy. First choice for kiln filters and shows good performance against flue gas components such as SO² and oxygen. This media is chemically and mechanically stable.
  • POLYPROPYLENE NEEDLE FELT, 600 g/m²: Maximum operating temperature 110° C, excellent hydrolysis, acid and alkaline resistance.  Good air permeability with low temperature resistance (88 – 110° C) and lower fibre release.
  • PTFE MEMBRANE POLYPROPYLENE NEEDLE FELT, 500 g/m²:  Maximum operating temperature 110° C, applied mainly to low temperature and high humid conditions, good air permeability, lower fibre release, lower density, high mechanical characteristics.
  • WOVEN FIBREGLASS:   Consists of acid resistant polymers, PTFE, graphite, and silicon oils that form a covalent bond with molecules on the glass surface to shield it from chemical attack. Ideal for applications such as fossil fuel-burning power plants, carbon, cement, asphalt and refineries.

Dust collector bags from Envirox meet the most stringent air quality regulations and are available in top and bottom variations, and can be sized and shaped to suit your application.


Get detailed specifications on all our filter media by clicking here to access the easily labelled PDFs.

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