Customisable powerful cleaning systems that ensure comprehensive cleaning across a range of applications are available from Envirox.  Their heavy duty vacuums and industrial vacuum systems – either as mobile or stationary high vacuum systems – ensure healthy and safe work environments. They are built for tough applications in heavy industries, and can increase the quality of production processes.

Wet and dry material such as chemicals, dust, wood chips, metal chips and swarf as well as various liquids, are easily collected, separated, stored and transported. They can also be recycled when applications require it. Our robust cleaning equipment keeps objects, machinery and workplaces clean. These systems can be retrofitted and make for an extremely powerful cleaning system when combined with high-efficiency cyclones and pre-separators.

Envirox provides a one year warranty on all equipment supplied. Enquire now to find out more.

Our range of Cleaning equipment includes:

Tank Stripping

Tank stripping solutions from Envirox collect to the very last residue, including flammable liquids and gases, and increase employee safety. 

Wet and Dry Material

ATEX-approved wet and dry material solutions from Envirox comprise extremely powerful and robust vacuums for cleaning floor spills from liquid to abrasive materials.

Dry Materials

Dry material solutions from Envirox are extremely powerful and tailored for cleaning and transporting abrasive bulky material. 


ATEX-certified liquid solutions from Envirox are designed for vacuuming liquids in tough environments, and for transporting hazardous materials.

Surface Preparation Solutions

Surface preparation solutions from Envirox include vacuum sandblasters that provide easy surface preparation and a healthy, clean environment.

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