Baghouse Filter Bags

Baghouse filter bags from Envirox provide a dust extraction solution for most types of dust, including general, combustible, high-temperature and toxic dust, vapour, smoke and fumes. We supply the Nederman range of baghouses to industries across sub-Saharan Africa, and manufacture a complete range of filter bags to install within these dust collectors.

Our baghouse filter bags include pulse jet, reverse air and shaker types, ensuring we can supply an optimum, cost-effective dust filtration solution for your unique application requirements.

  • Woven, felted and membrane baghouse filter bags
  • Resistance to oil, corrosion, abrasion, heat, hydrolysis and viscous gas
  • Solutions for explosive / combustible dust zones St1, St2 and St3
  • Robust galvanised steel baghouse construction
  • Baghouse filter bags are easily checked, maintained and replaced


We’re not just a supplier of leading baghouse filter bags, we supply total, end-to-end services for the entire working life of the baghouse. Our services include:

  • Inspection
  • Troubleshooting
  • Air flow monitoring
  • System analysis
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Refurbishing


We provide a tailored baghouse filter bag solution to help you meet the strictest air quality regulations. Speak to Envirox today!


Our baghouse filter bags products and services:


Filter bags

Our filter bags are ideal for a wide range of industrial dusts, and are characterised by high product holdings capacities. We tailor filter bags to suit your unique application and dust quality, in terms of size, filter media and media treatment, ensuring an optimum dust extraction solution.

Our bag filters can be supplied as mechanical shaker, pulse jet and reverse air baghouse filter bags.


Mechanical shaker baghouse filter bags

Using mechanical shaking to loosen and dislodge the dust cake that forms along the surface of the filter media during filtration, shaker bags are an efficient, reliable and cost-effective dust filtration solution for a wide range of industries. They can be used in smaller workspaces to large industrial facilities such as coal-fired power plants and cement plants.

They are best used in applications where the dust stream is a lower temperature and where space is available for the larger dust collectors required by shaker bags. Recommended air-to-cloth ratio for shaker bags is between 2:1 and 2.5:1.

Use with the following dust collector:


Pulse jet baghouse filter bags

Cleaned with a short burst of compressed air to dislodge the dust cake, pulse jet baghouse filter bags can be operated continuously in virtually any filter configuration. This dry compressed air system is part of the dust collector.

Pulse jet filter bags are best in gas streams that are free from high-moisture content. Special filter material treatment is needed for hot-temperature gas. Recommended air-to-cloth ratio for pulse jet filter bags is between 3.25:1 and 4:1.

Use with the following dust collectors:


Reverse air baghouse filter bags

The reverse air baghouse filter bag configuration uses negative pressure to pull the bag inward, with the agitated media action loosening, dislodging and releasing the dust cake.

The gentle cleaning action of reverse air baghouse filter bags means they are ideal for dusts of a higher temperature. They offer long lifespans and high performance.

Use with the following dust collectors:


Filter bag media

When it comes to specifying the right filter media for your baghouse filter bags, a variety of factors must be considered. Some of these include:

  • Particle size
  • Temperature of the air stream
  • Acidity / alkalinity and moisture content of the stream
  • Static and combustibility of dust particles
  • Abrasiveness of particles
  • Fabric permeability and flexibility
  • Air-to-cloth ratio


As a total dust filtration specialist, we supply a complete range of woven and non-woven filter media for baghouse filter bags, which we customise to your application using such criteria as outlined above.

A variety of filter media treatment solutions can then be applied to the filter media to increase its resistance to whatever stresses your air stream may pose.


Why our baghouse filter bags are the best choice for your application

Baghouse filter bags are ideal for a wide range of applications, because they are able to handle almost every type of industrial dust, from wood chips to noxious fumes. We’ll tailor a baghouse filter bag solution to your workplace requirements with a turnkey solution designed for your facility and application.

Our end-to-end solutions for our baghouse filter bags includes installation, inspection, troubleshooting, air flow reading and system analysis, preventative maintenance and refurbishing. By offering a complete, top-to-bottom baghouse filter bag service, we help our clients maintain maximum process efficiency and a safe, healthy workplace.


We’ll help you achieve optimum dust filtration efficiency. Speak to the experts in baghouse filter bags, send us an enquiry here!

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