Baghouse Dust Collectors

Baghouse dust collectors from Envirox include a range of sturdy, high-quality dust collectors from Nederman. These baghouse dust collectors are the perfect solution for all filter bag-based dust extraction applications, including general and combustible dust; high-temperature gasses; smoke and welding fumes; fine slag; noxious vapours; and other types of industrial dust.

We’ll specify, design and supply a baghouse dust collector solution tailored to your processes to help you remove the dust from your workplace with high efficiency and low cost!

  • Housing solutions for pulse jet, reverse air and shaker bags
  • Solutions for zones St1, St2 and St3
  • Robust galvanised steel construction
  • Solutions for indoor and outdoor positioning
  • Easy access for bag replacement and maintenance maximises uptime
  • Meet the strictest air quality regulations


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Our range of baghouse dust collectors:

FS / FD Filter | Flat Bag filter

The FS and the FD baghouse dust collectors are a modular filter solution designed for dust extraction in chemical, foundry, metal smelters, asphalt and incineration applications. Used with flat bags with an St3 explosion class. They can be positioned both in and outdoors.

  • FS air volume: FS: 10 000 – 250 000 m³/hr
  • FD air volume: 17 000 to 340 000 m³/hr
  • Filter surface: 100 – 2 500 m²
  • Max. dust collection: >300 g/m³
  • Max. working temp: 250° C
  • Cleaning method: Reverse air / reverse jet


NFPZ3000 Bag filter with container

NFPZ3000 baghouse dust collectors are compact, floor-mounted collectors designed for small and medium-sized woodwork shops and paper mills. ATEX-certified for St1 and St2 dust, it is fitted with a combined inspection and explosion relief door. The bags are cleaned with efficient regeneration fans.

  • Air volume: 1 500 – 33 000 m³/hr
  • Filter surface: 20 – 85 m² / module
  • Explosion relief upwards and sideways
  • Max. working temp: 75° C 
  • Cleaning method: Regeneration fan


NFSZ3000 Bag filter with rotary valve or screw conveyor

These baghouse dust collectors are designed with dust discharge via a rotary valve or screw conveyor. Ideal for dust from wood and paper, NFSZ is ATEX-certified for St1 and St2 dust. It handles large air volumes with heavy material contamination.

  • Air volume: 1 500 – 65 000 m³/hr
  • Filter surface: up to 510 m² per filter
  • Explosion relief upwards or sideways
  • Max. working temp: 75° C
  • Cleaning method: Regeneration fan


NFKZ3000 Chain filter

NFKZ baghouse dust collectors are designed with a double chain conveyor on the bottom of the hopper, which transfers the collected dust to a rotary valve for discharge. ATEX-certified for St1 and St2 dust. You can mount these baghouse dust collectors on side or on roof.

  • Air volume: 6 000 – 500 000 m³/hr
  • Filter surface: 40 – 85 m² per module
  • Max. working temp: 75° C
  • Cleaning method: Regeneration fan


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Auto M-Z Shaker filters

Auto M-Z baghouse dust collectors are designed for use in wood, chemicals, minerals and metal dust applications. They are ATEX-certified for explosive dust in categories St1, St2 and St3. Filter bags are cleaned with an efficient, automatic electric shaker mechanism.

  • Air volume: 800 – 10 200 m³/hr
  • Filter surface area: 7.5 – 90 m²
  • Max. working temple 80° C
  • Cleaning method: Shaking / vibration


MJB filter

MJB baghouse dust collectors are ideal for large air volumes, high temperatures and large quantities of material in such applications as chemical, foundry, metal smelter, mangler, asphalt and incineration operations. ATEX-certified for explosive dust in categories St1, St2 and St3.

  • Airflow: 750 – 300 000 m³/hr
  • Filter surface: 7 – 315 m²
  • Max working temp: 250° C
  • Cleaning method: Pulse jet


CJB cyclone filter

CJB cyclone baghouse dust collectors are ATEX-rated for explosive dust in category St1. With an efficient centrifugal pre-separation, the CJB guarantees effective filtration for high dust content – over 300 g/m3. It is designed for large-volume extraction of wood, chemicals, metal shavings and welding fume dusts.

  • Air volume: up to 160 000 m³/hr
  • Filter surface: 48 – 739 m²
  • Low dust content of outlet air: <0.1 g/m³
  • Cleaning method: Pulse jet


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Why our baghouse dust collectors are the best choice for your application

Filter bag-based filtration is the ideal dust extraction solution for a wide range of applications, able to handle almost every type of industrial dust, from wood chips to noxious fumes. We’ll meet any bag-based filtration requirement with a customised, turnkey solution for your facility and application, through a full range of filter bags combined with our baghouse dust collectors.

We deliver end-to-end solutions for our baghouse dust collectors. This includes installation, inspection, troubleshooting, air flow reading and system analysis, preventative maintenance and refurbishing, ensuring our clients maximum process efficiency and a safe and healthy workplace.


We’ll help you achieve optimum dust filtration efficiency with our range of baghouse dust collectors. Speak to the dust filtration experts today, send us an enquiry here!


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