Bag Filters

A bag filter used in dust collectors controls air pollution by removing particulates from air or gas that are generated from industrial and commercial processes.  Envirox supplies a range of mechanical shaker, pulse jet and reverse air bag filters that deliver high product holdings capacities for all types of dust across Africa’s industrial applications.

These bag filters have a particulate collection efficiency of 99% or more, even when particle size is extremely small.

Industries that make use of bag filters are numerous. Bag filters from Envirox provide a high-efficiency, cost-effective dust filtration for industry work places and workspaces. We supply bag filters to industries like fire & emergency; composite machining; foundry; steel & metal; vehicle repair; welding, utility and woodworking, for example.


Envirox bag filter uses

Regardless of the kind of industry, bag filters from Envirox provide exceptional particulate removal for:

  • Dry dust and fumes that are light, medium or heavy in concentration
  • High temperature dust and hot gases, as well as explosive dust
  • Smoke dust and welding fumes
  • Thermal particles from laser and plasma cutting
  • Fine slag and smoke


Bag filters from Envirox have a particulate collection efficiency of 99% or more. Contact us on +27 76 583 1844 or complete the above enquiry form for more information.


Bag filters from Envirox

Envirox stocks, installs and services shaker bag filters , pulse jet bag filters and reverse air bag filters, as well as a range of bag filter accessories and bag filter media types.


  • Pulse Jet Filter Bags: This range of bag filters have automated, self-cleaning functionality and require very little maintenance. They are cleaned via a pulse (short burst) of air and provide continuous operation in the majority of filter configurations.
  • Shaker Bags: Boasting a high collection efficiency, these bag filters are typically strong woven bag filters that are simple to operate and can be cleaned individually. Bag filters are freed from accumulated dust by a mechanical shaking action.
  • Reverse Air Filter Bags: Negative pressure is used to effectively clean the filter media in such a way that cleaning is conducted at established intervals. These bag filter types provide high collection efficiency and are suitable for high temperature dust.
  • Filter Media: Felted and synthetic media are used to construct our bag filters. Our high temperature bag filters are tolerant to temperatures in excess of 160° C as media used comprises fibreglass, aramid, PPS, P84 and PTFE. Our low temperature bag filters work with temperatures lower than 150° C and comprise polyester, acrylic and polypropylene filter media.
  • Bag Filter accessories: Our range of accessories for bag filters are sourced from Nederman and include cages, tensioners and end caps.


In addition to its accessories, Envirox provides additional services like lab analysis and leak detection for bag filters.  Lab analysis ensures bag filters conform to rated performance specifications and leak detection provides solutions that pinpoint the location of any bag filter leaks.


How bag filters work 

The majority of bag filters make use of cylindrical bags, sometimes referred to as “tubes” which are constructed from woven or felted fabric as the filter medium. Filter mediums for bag filters from Envirox include Aramid / Nomex needle felt, polyimide needle felt, polypropylene needle felt, PTFE membrane Polypropylene needle felt and woven Fibreglass.

Air or gas laden with dust – and other – particles enter the bag filters through hoppers and then flows in to bag filter compartments. The air or gas is sucked through the bags resulting in a layer of accumulated dust on the filter media surface. This continues until the air can no longer move through the media surface. The cleaning process begins when the pressure drops sufficiently, and can take place in 2 ways:

  • Online cleaning: cleaning is conducted while the bag filter is filtering
  • Offline cleaning: cleaning is done in isolation and filtering begins when the compartment is clean


Get end-to-end filter bag services – installation, service and support across Africa! Call us on +27 76 583 1884 or complete the above enquiry form.


Bag filters tailored to spec

As South Africa’s dust filtration experts, Envirox tailors bag filters to our customers’ specific application requirements. These requirements include bag filter size, the type of bag filter media used as well as conducting bag filter media treatment, which guarantees that dust emissions from your plant or company remain below the legally prescribed limits.


Bag filter construction

Woven and non-woven materials are used in our range of bag filters:

  • Woven filter bags: These bag filters are made of yarn with a repeated pattern making them ideal for filters that use low energy cleaning methods like reverse air and shaken filter bags
  • Non-woven filter bags: This range comprises both felted and membrane bags. Felted filters are best used in energy intensive systems like pulse jet cleaning. Membrane filters provide high efficiency particulate capturing making them ideal for use in flue gas conditions with high moisture and great pressure drops.


Achieve maximum filtration efficiency with bag filters from Envirox. Contact Envirox today on +27 76 583 1884 or send us an enquiry by completing the above enquiry form.

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